5 Great Vacation Place You Must Visit In Your Lifetime

Many travelers would love to check Great Vacation Place Reviews before deciding on where their next stop will be. The reason for this is not far-fetched. Most travelers love to plan their next vacation spot and destination based on experiences of others. This is quite a good way of reviewing the different great vacation spots in the world before deciding one depending on a number of factors.

For persons looking for a great place to vacation with kids and other loved ones, below are five great family vacation spots for relaxation, education, and excitement.

The Acropolis

This temple located in Athens, Greece is a great spot to visit for lovers of history and ancient facts. This particular spot attracts millions of visitors from across the globe every year. Even with the crowd that visits the place every day and the heat and huge human traffic that come with the millions of yearly visits, the crowd does not seem to be reducing.

The major attraction here is the historical background of the Temple. The history of the buildings of the temple can be traced back to as far as the fifth century BC. Thanks to the restored Parthenon, visitors can still see the signs of the church built, with the bronze inscriptions of letters to honor the emperor Nero still visible.

Aphrodisias, Turkey

This Roman city located some few hours from the Turkish cost is one of the most treasured ancient discoveries of the last five decades, housing a theatre, sculptural works, council chambers, and temples. Its proximity to Bodrum and Kusadasi has made it easier and more endearing to visitors from all over the world making it one of the great couple vacation spots.

In its active years, the sanctuary was specially made for the worship of Roman emperors, housing 80 large sculpted panels that remain in existence till date. Lovers of history would want to see the image of the province Britannia and Empress Agrippina.


As far as history is concerned, Delphi is the house of the most popular oracle that gives advice to Greek and Romans in the ancient days.

The particular temple that housed the famous oracle can still be seen as well as the stadium that hosted the races during the festivals that were held regularly in Delphi, Greece. Visitors also get to learn some things about the famous god, Apollo with the elegant treasuries where a number of cities that housed the dedications to the god still visible.

It also creates an opportunity for adventurous visitors to hike above the main site to the cave which is by the way sacred to the nymphs. The nymphs are also historical with thousands of tiny bronze and pottery offerings discovered in the cave.

Great Vacation Place Reviews


This spot was made famous during the Jewish Revolt of 66 to 73 AD, which was against the Romans as it was the spot where the revolt was brought to an end with history having it that the last of the rebels committed suicide en masse. Thanks to the climate, the works of the Roman siege remains intact with such edifices as the encircling wall, the ramp built that allowed for the easy defeat of the enemy, and the camp of the army still on ground.

The historical masterpiece of King Herod’s palace is definitely the most outstanding Survival of the desert with the luxurious structure, built on a hill in the middle of a desert with no water. This makes it an impressive work of architecture and ingenuity.

Masada is in Israel for persons that do not follow history.

Oplontis, near Naples, Italy

A discussion on history and architecture cannot be complete without the mention of Italy, Rome to be precise. For persons that want to lean about history and have some fun at the same time, Pompeii and Herculaneum are towns that should be visited. Oplontis however provides for a more peaceful where the eruption of Vesuvius was buried in 79 AD.

The Oplontis villa is a beauty to behold with some quarters claiming that the building was Poppaea’s, who is a wife to Emperor Nero. It comes with an Olympic size swimming pool and gardens that are cleverly and carefully designed, substantiating the royalty claim of the villa.

The places mentioned above might be ancient, but they definitely hold lots of history, culture, and excitement for persons that want to spend some quality time with friends and family.